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Talgar Alluvial Fan Dataset
Claudia Chang and Perry A. Tourtellotte

This dataset serves as a complement to publications derived from The Kazakh-American Talgar Project. It provides detailed data on the locations and types of archaeological materials collected through survey and excavation in the Talgar alluvial fan, Almaty Province, Kazakhstan.

Results from this investigation have been published in the following sources:

Chang, Claudia (2006) The Grass is Greener on the Other Side: The Social Evolution of Eurasian Steppe Communities in Southeastern Kazakhstan. In The Archaeology and Ethnoarchaeology of Mobility, edited by Frédéric Sellet and Pei-Lin Yu, pp. 184-200. Orlando: The University Press of Florida.
Chang, Claudia, and Perry A. Tourtellotte (2000) The Kazakh-American Talgar Project: Archaeological Field Surveys in the Talgar and Turgen-Asi Areas of Southeastern Kazakhstan, 1997-1999. In Kurgans, Ritual Sites, and Settlements: Eurasian Bronze and Iron Age, edited by Janine Davis-Kimball, Eileen M. Murphy, Ludmilla Koryakova, and Leonid T. Yablonsky, pp. 83-88. British Archaeological Reports International Series 890. Oxford: Archaeopress.
Rosen, Arlene M., Claudia Chang, and Fedor P. Grigoriev (2000) Paleoenvironments and Economy of Iron Age Saka-Wusun Agro-pastoralists in Southeastern Kazakhstan. Antiquity 74:611-23.

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Chang, Claudia, and Perry A. Tourtellotte (2011) Talgar Alluvial Fan Dataset. Comparative Archaeology Database, University of Pittsburgh. URL: <>.

Designed by Alexander J. Martín and Bryan K. Hanks

This dataset contains three kinds of things: an overview of the settlement survey; maps and numeric data resulting from the survey; and technical reports of several specialized studies.

Overview of the Settlement Survey

Survey Aims, Methodology, and Preliminary Conclusions

Maps and Numeric Data

Results of the settlement survey in the form of numeric data and GIS map layers that can be downloaded and analyzed.

Survey Site Data: Numeric information about the nature and location of sites.

Survey Site Map: GIS map layer locating sites recorded in the survey.

Geomorphological Map: GIS map layer delineating soil types.

Hydrology: GIS map layer delineating streams.

Location of Excavated Sites: The location of excavated sites.

Technical Reports

Characterization of Ecosystems of Archaeological Excavations Area in the Talgar River Basin

English only (3 MB)

Environmental maps from the report

Characteristic of Ecosystems of Archaeological Excavations Area in the Talgar Basin ("Orman" Site)

Kharakteristika Ekosistem Raiona Arkheologicheskikh Raskopok v Talgarskom Basseine (Uchastok "Orman")

English (27 MB)          Russian (4 MB)

Report of the Geomorphological Position
of the Location "Tseganka 8"

Otchot o geomorfologicheskoi pozitsii mestonakhzhdeniya "Tseganka 8"

Russian only (817 KB)

Part II: Talgar Geological Team Report from Field Research in 1998. Theme: "Geological-Geomorphological Conditions of the Ancient Campsites of Tseganka 8, Tseganka 4, Tseganka 2

Razdel II. Otchot Talgarskogo Geologicheskogo Otryada po polevym rabotam 1998. Po teme: "Geologo-Geomorfologicheskiye usloviya raionov stoyanok, Tseganka 8, Tseganka 4, Tseganka 2"

Russian only (4.77 MB)

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