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Mayapan Community Dataset

Marilyn A. Masson, Timothy S. Hare,
Carlos Peraza Lope, and Bradley W. Russell

This dataset complements the book Settlement, Economy, and Society at Mayapán, Yucatan, Mexico, edited by Marilyn A. Masson, Timothy S. Hare, Carlos Peraza Lope, and Bradley W. Russell (available from the University of Pittsburgh Center for Comparative Archaeology). It provides artifact inventories and mapping results associated with the Economic Foundations of Mayapán Project (PEMY), field seasons 2001-2009. It also contains more detailed information about the Mayapan Extra-Muralla Survey Project (MEMS), a satellite project that involved a survey and test pit program outside of the city walls of Mayapan. These projects are discussed in full in the printed volume, whose contents are as follows:

  1. Introduction – Marilyn A. Masson and Carlos Peraza Lope
  2. Surveying Mayapán – Timothy S. Hare
  3. Life and Work on Mayapán’s Periphery – Bradley W. Russell
  4. Geological Signatures of a Postclassic Marketplace and Selected Houselots at Mayapán – Daniel A. Bair, Richard E. Terry, Timothy S. Hare, Bruce H. Dahlin, Carmen Lopez Grayson, Joshua J. Steffen, and Marilyn A. Masson
  5. Household Archaeology Within and Outside of Mayapán’s Monumental Center – Pedro C. Delgado Kú, Bárbara del C. Escamilla Ojeda, Marilyn A. Masson, Carlos Peraza Lope, and Douglas J. Kennett
  6. Architecture and Sculptures of a Colonnaded Hall and Temple at the Itzmal Ch’en Group, Mayapán – Pedro C. Delgado Kú, Carlos Peraza Lope, Marilyn A. Masson, Bárbara del C. Escamilla Ojeda, Wilberth A. Cruz Alvarado, and Bradley W. Russell
  7. A Comparison of Mayapán’s Burial Patterns within Ritual Buildings – Robert H. H. Hutchinson
  8. A Bioarchaeological Perspective on Diet, Health, and Lifestyle at Mayapán - Stanley Serafin
  9. Pottery Assemblage Variation at Mayapán Residences – Carlos Peraza Lope, Marilyn A. Masson, Timothy S. Hare, Wilberth A. Cruz Alvarado, and Luis Flores Cobá
  10. Evaluating Standardization of Common Pottery Types at Mayapán – Caroline Antonelli
  11. Preliminary Analysis of Ceramic Modes at Mayapán – Wilberth A. Cruz Alvarado
  12. Postclassic Effigy Censers of Mayapán: Context, Iconography, and External Connections - Susan Milbrath, Debra Walker and Carlos Peraza
  13. Molding Identity at Mayapán: The Multifaceted Uses of Metal at an Urban Center - Elizabeth H. Paris
  14. Obsidian from Two Neighborhoods at Mayapán - Bárbara del C. Escamilla Ojeda and Pedro C. Delgado Kú
  15. Delving into Debitage: The Spatial Distribution and Scalar Variation of Lithic and Shell Production at Mayapán Houselots - Elizabeth H. Paris and Elizabeth L. France
  16. Stone Tools of Chert and Chalcedony at Mayapán - Marilyn A. Masson, Bárbara C. Escamilla Ojeda, and Carlos Peraza Lope
  17. What's Next: Embarking on a Regional Approach to Studying Mayapán - Timothy S. Hare
  18. Conclusion – Carlos Peraza Lope and Marilyn Masson
Masson, Marilyn A., Timothy S. Hare, Carlos Peraza Lope, and Bradley W. Russell (2021) Settlement, Economy, and Society at Mayapán, Yucatan, Mexico. University of Pittsburgh Memoirs in Latin American Archaeology, No. 27.
Masson, Marilyn A., Timothy S. Hare, Carlos Peraza Lope, and Bradley W. Russell (2023) Mayapan Community Dataset. Comparative Archaeology Database, University of Pittsburgh. URL: <>.

Funding to collect the data presented here was provided by Grant awards to Marilyn Masson (PI) NSF-BCS-0109426 (2001-2005), NSF-BCS-0742128 (2008-2009), National Geographic Society #8598-08 (2009), Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies (2001), University at Albany College of Arts and Science FRAP B Award (2003), United University Professions Individual Development Grant (2001).

Designed by Alexander J. Martín, Aspen Greaves, Faith Ruck, and Emma Gleason

Supplemental Information to the Print Publication

The following interactive sections provide information that supplement the printed volume associated with this dataset.

1. Interactive Map: Locations of Milpas and structures
(Supplement to Chapter 2)

2. Artifact data and descriptions of surface collections
(MEMS only, supplement to Chapter 3)

3. Stratigraphic profiles and test pit descriptions from excavations
(MEMS only, supplement to Chapter 3)

4. Descriptions of the PEMY burials

(Supplement to Chapter 8)

Numeric Data

Numeric data are provided in two file formats. Comma-delimited text files should be easy to import into spreadsheet, database, and statistical programs for manipulation and analysis. Excel spreadsheets are easier to browse, and can also be imported into many programs. The numeric data files are as follows:


Ceramic Inventory: Surface Collections of the PEMY & MEMS projects and MEMS Test Pits

Ceramic Inventory: PEMY test pits and horizontal excavations


Phase I (2001-2004): Surface collections from artifact concentrations, test pits, and full excavation of structures X-43, L-28, and Y-45.

Lithics: Phase 1 Flakes

Lithics: Phase 1 Utilized Flakes

Lithics: Phase 1 Tools

Phase II (2008-2009): Full excavation of structures H-15, H-15ZE, H-17, H-11, I-55, I-57, Q-39, Q-40a, and Q-176.

Lithics: Phase 2 Flakes

Lithics: Phase 2 (2008) Utilized Flakes

Lithics: Phase 2 (2009) Utilized Flakes

Lithics: Phase 2 (2008) Tools

Lithics: Phase 2 (2009) Tools

Obsidian (Phases I and II)



Shell Tools

Volumetric Data


Test Pits

Spatial Data

Spatial information is provided as AutoCAD (Release 12) .DXF files which can be read by many CAD and GIS programs. AutoCAD drawing units are in meters. The coordinate system for all spatial data is NAD83 UTM Zone 16N, Row Q (units are meters). AutoCAD files are based on WGS 1984 UTM Zone 16N, Row Q (units are meters).

Maps of Milpas, Structures, and Excavations

Additional Digital Resources


[PDF] PEMY Report Seasons 2001-2004
(Full Text in Spanish)

[PDF] PEMY Seasons 2008-2009
(Full Text in Spanish)

[PDF] Maya Agrarian Life Project 2015 Season
(Full Text in Spanish)

Postclassic Ceramic Images

[PDF] Ceramics 2008 season

[PDF] Ceramics 2009 season

Additional Maya Postclassic Cermamic Images