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Wankarani Settlement Dataset
Timothy L. McAndrews

Cluster Analysis of Late Intermediate Farmsteads

The data file KMEANS.TXT provides the statistical results of the non-hierarchical K-means cluster analysis of Late Intermediate farmstead sites. Each line represents one cluster analysis solution. There are 9 lines, each with 13 variables separated by commas. The variables are, in the following order:

1 The number of clusters requested for this solution
2 N: The number of sites (farmsteads) to be clustered
3 SSE (Summed Squared Error): The sum (over all 17 sites) of the squared Euclidean distances from each farmstead to the centroid of the cluster to which it is assigned
4 %SSE: The SSE as a percent of the maximum SSE
5 Log %SSE: Base 10 logarithm of the %SSE
6 The square root of (SSE/N), where N is the number of sites in the analysis (17)
7 nbar: The mean number of sites per cluster
8 nstd: The standard deviation of the number of sites per cluster
9 RMSbar: The mean RMS. RMS is the square root of the mean of the squared distances from each site in a cluster to the cluster centroid.
10 RMSstd: The standard deviation of the RMS
11 n>2: The number of clusters in the solution with more than two members
12 r2wbar: The mean r² value over all the clusters
13 r2wstd: The standard deviation of the r² value

The first line of the file, for example, looks like this:


This indicates that the solution is for 1 cluster, N is 17, SSE is 194.67, %SSE is 100, Log%SSE is 2, square root of SSE/N is 3.3839, nbar is 17, nstd is 0, RMSbar is 3.38, RMSstd is 0, n>2 is 1, r2wbar is 0.13, and r2wbarstd is 0.

The last (9th) line of the file is:


This indicates that the solution is for 9 clusters, N is 17, SSE is 1.64, %SSE is 0.84, Log%SSE is 0, square root of SSE/N is 0.3102, nbar is 1, nstd is 1.9, RMSbar is 0.19, RMSstd is 0.18, n>2 is 2, r2wbar is 0.39, and r2wbarstd is 0.44.

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