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Taojiahu-Xiaocheng Settlement Dataset
Dongdong Li

This dataset complements the dissertation The Emergence of Walled Towns and Social Complexity in the Taojiahu-Xiaocheng Region of Jianghan Plain China by Dongdong Li (which can be freely downloaded from the University of Pittsburgh's Electronic Theses and Dissertations Database). It provides detailed information about the location and types of artifacts recovered from a 58 km2 survey in the Dafushui region (Jianghan Plain), China, including the walled towns of Taojiahu and Xiaocheng, as well as their surrounding hinterland. The data are discussed in full in the dissertation, whose contents are as follows:

Li, Dongdong (2016) The Emergence of Walled Towns and Social Complexity in the Taojiahu-Xiaocheng Region of Jianghan Plain China. Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh.
Li, Dongdong (2017) Taojiahu-Xiaocheng Settlement Dataset. Comparative Archaeology Database, University of Pittsburgh. URL: <>.

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Designed by Alexander J. Martín

Numeric Data

Numeric data are provided in two file formats. Comma-delimited text files should be easy to import into spreadsheet, database, and statistical programs for manipulation and analysis. Excel spreadsheets are easier to browse, and can also be imported into many programs. The numeric data files are as follows:

Ceramic inventory and demographic projections: Ceramic counts for each collection unit sorted by period, as well as calculations for each collection unit's area/density index.

Spatial Data

Spatial information is provided as AutoCAD (Release 12) .DXF files which can be read by many CAD and GIS programs. AutoCAD drawing units are in meters. The coordinate system for all spatial data is UTM Zone 49 R (units are meters) based on the WGS84 datum.

Location of all collection units

Survey boundary


Limits of walled towns

Youziling occupation map

Qujialing occupation map

Shijiahe occupation map

Shang occupation map

Western Zhou occupation map

Eastern Zhou occupation map

Han occupation map

Wei-Jin occupation map

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