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Prehispanic Chiefdoms in the Valle de la Plata: Formative 3 Communities Dataset
Luis Gonzalo Jaramillo E.

Lithic material from both shovel probes and excavations

This file contains data for lots where lithics were recovered for both the shovel probes and excavations. The contents of every lot are presented in one line and the data file LITICO.TXT has 311 lines with 53 variables separated by commas. The variables are, in the following order:

1 Series (if a shovel probe) or Corte Number (if an excavation) (see pp. 17)
2 Lot number (see pg. 15-17)
3 Site number in the Valle de la Plata (see pp. 17)
4 Lot number of the Valle de la Plata regional mapping (see pp. 17)
5 Square designation for areal excavations C-XI, C-XII, C-XIII. The plan view of these square assignments can be seen in Figures 3.4 (C-XI), 3.22 (C-XII), and 3.11 (C-XIII). This variable is "0" for the J91, J92 and C-I through C-X operations.
6 Level (see pp. 17)
7 Total number of lithics in the entire lot
8 Total number of quartz lithics (see pp. 125 for raw material descriptions)
9 Total number of quartzite lithics
10 Total number of andesite lithics
11 Total number of dacite lithics
12 Total number of rhyolite lithics
13 Total number of pumice lithics
14 Total number of gneiss amphibolithic lithics
15 Total number of chert lithics
16 Total number of black argillite lithics
17 Total number of brown argillite lithics
18 Total number of unidentified lithics
19 Total number of granodiorite lithics
20 Total number of sandstone lithics
21 Number of quartz chunks (see pp. 125 for morphological definitions)
22 Number of quartz debitage
23 Number of quartz flakes
24 Number of quartz utilized flakes
25 Number of quartzite chunks
26 Number of quartzite debitage
27 Number of quartzite flakes
28 Number of brown argillite chunks
29 Number of brown argillite nuclei
30 Number of brown argillite flakes
31 Number of black argillite flakes
32 Number of gneiss amphibolithic flakes
33 Number of unidentified chunks
34 Number of unidentified debitage
35 Number of unidentified flakes
36 Number of andesite chunks
37 Number of andesite debitage
38 Number of andesite nuclei 
39 Number of andesite flakes 
40 Number of dacite chunks 
41 Number of dacite debitage 
42 Number of dacite flakes 
43 Number of dacite utilized flakes 
44 Number of rhyolite chunks 
45 Number of rhyolite debitage 
46 Number of rhyolite nuclei 
47 Number of rhyolite flakes 
48 Number of rhyolite utilized flakes 
49 Number of sandstone chunks 
50 Number of pumice chunks 
51 Number of chert chunks
52 Number of chert debitage
53 Number of chert flakes

The first line of the file (which represents 1 lot), for example, looks like this:


Which indicates that lot 12 was in Series J92. It is in Valle de la Plata site number VP467 and lot number LA/75 in the regional survey. The zero with quotations ("0") confirms that this has no square assignment and is therefore not an areal excavation. Field 7 indicates that this lot contains 2 lithic fragments and Field 12 indicates that they are both rhyolite. Finally, Field 47 indicates that they are flakes.

The last line (311th) of the file (which represents 1 lot) is:


Lot 356 is at Corte XIII in Valle de la Plata site VP467. Specific provenience information indicates that the lithics came from square M, level 5. Field 7 indicates that there is a total of 1 lithic fragment, Field 12 indicates it is rhyolite, and Field 47 indicates that it is a flake.

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