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Prehispanic Chiefdoms in the Valle de la Plata: Formative 3 Communities Dataset
Luis Gonzalo Jaramillo E.

Measurement and provenience information from the excavations

This file contains data that provides both provenience and measurement information for every lot number from the excavations. There are 377 lines in the file TARJE.TXT and each lot corresponds to one line. Each line has 12 variables, which are:

1 Site number (see pp. 17)
2 Corte number (see pp. 17)
3 Square designation (used only with large open excavations (C-XI, C-XII, C-XIII)
4 Level (see pp. 17)
5 Lot number (see pp. 17)
6 Excavated area in square meters
7 Thickness of excavated level
8 Total excavated volume in cubic meters
9 Maximum elevation of upper surface
10 Minimum elevation of upper surface
11 Maximum elevation of lower surface
12 Minimum elevation of lower surface

The first line of the file, for example, looks like this:


Which indicates the following information: Site VP466, Corte I, no square (only the expanded area excavations C-XI, C-XII, and C-XIII have square assignments), level 1, lot 1, 2 square meters of excavated area, .0900 (9 centimeters) of excavated thickness, and .1800 of excavated volume. The maximum elevation of the upper surface was 1999.786, the minimum elevation of the upper surface was 1999.730, the maximum elevation of the lower surface was 1999.701, and the minimum elevation of the lower surface was 1999.635.

The last (377th) line of the file is:


Which indicates that lot 418 was at site VP467, Corte XIII, square M, level 2, and had .024 square meters of excavated area. No thickness or elevation are given for this lot.

Click here to download the file TARJE.TXT (27,433 bytes).

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