Comparative Archaeology Database, University of Pittsburgh

Nepeña Valley Dataset
Hugo Cesar Ikehara Tsukayama

Soil Productivity

The level of productivity of different soil types within the Nepeña Valley is provided as an AutoCAD (Release 12) .DXF file. The layers in this drawing, their colors, and the information contained on each are as follows:


SOIL (ONERN 1972)*


LC Lacramarca Eutric fluvisol
PL Palenque Eutric regosol
MO Motocachi Eutric regosol
RI Ribereño Eutric fluvisol
RI-p Ribereño pedregoso Eutric fluvisol
LD Lindero Eutric fluvisol
PI Piedras Eutric fluvisol
RW Cauce de Río Fluvisol
M Cerros Lithosol

Download the file SOILS.DXF (257 KB).

The same information is provided in ArcGIS .SHP format in the file SOILS.ZIP (41 KB).

*ONERN 1972 Inventario, evaluación y uso racional de los recursos naturales de la Costa: Cuencas de los ríos Santa, Lacramarca y Nepeña. Volume 1. Oficina Nacional de Evaluación de Recursos Naturales (ONERN), Lima.

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