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El Venado Dataset
Ana María Boada Rivas

This dataset complements the book The Evolution of Social Hierarchy in a Muisca Chiefdom of the Northern Andes of Colombia by Ana María Boada Rivas (available from the University of Pittsburgh Center for Comparative Archaeology). It includes detailed information on the burials, ceramic artifacts, and faunal remains recovered in the excavations at El Venado described in that volume.

The Table of Contents of the published volume is as follows:

Funding to collect the data presented here was provided by a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (Award No. SBR-9531536).

Boada Rivas, Ana María (2007a) The Evolution of Social Hierarchy in a Muisca Chiefdom of the Northern Andes of Colombia. University of Pittsburgh Memoirs in Latin American Archaeology, No. 17.
Boada Rivas, Ana María (2007b) El Venado Dataset. Comparative Archaeology Database, University of Pittsburgh. URL: <>

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These data files are organized in the form of ASCII text files that can be read directly or easily imported to an application program such as a database manager or statistics package.

Burials: Information on grave or tomb structure, body position, offerings, etc. Human teeth:  Information from analysis of the teeth of the burials, including age, sex, dental pathologies, etc.
Ceramic vessel diameters:  Rim diameters for vessels from burials and other contexts. Ceramic forms:  Quantities of sherds of different vessel forms from excavated contexts.
Ceramic types:  Quantities of sherds of different ceramic types from excavated contexts. Faunal remains:  Quantities of remains of different faunal taxa from excavated contexts.

An additional PDF file contains detailed descriptions of all the excavations and all the burials (complete with plans, profile drawings, and photographs).

Download PDF of excavation details (plans, profile drawings, and photographs).

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