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Mesitas Community Dataset
Víctor González F.

Topographic Map

The topographic map of the Mesitas community is based on the locations of modern and ancient features on aerial photographs. Contour lines at intervals of 10 m were sketched in with an altimeter as a guide. The map is provided as an AutoCAD (Release 12) .DXF file for importation into a variety of CAD, GIS, and other software. The coordinate system in the .DXF file is based on the national map system coordinates in the grid Colombia West, with datum Bogotá Observatory, except that the units in this .DXF file are in kilometers rather than meters, and the initial digit (always a 1) has been omitted from the eastings. In AutoCAD, this map could be converted into coordinates that match the national map system exactly by moving all its contents (with the command MOVE) 1000 drawing units east, and then scaling it up (with the command SCALE) with a scale factor of 1000. The layers in this file, their colors, and the information contained on each are as follows:

Click here to download the file TOPO.DXF (2,040 KB).

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