Comparative Archaeology Database, University of Pittsburgh

Upper Daling Region Settlement Dataset
Christian E. Peterson, Lu Xueming, Robert D. Drennan, and Zhu Da

Survey region boundaries

The extent of the survey area is delimited in maps provided in a vector format and two raster formats.

In vector format, there is an AutoCAD (Release 12) .DXF file called SURVBND.DXF. It contains a single AutoCAD closed polyline. Click here to download the file SURVBND.DXF (111 KB).

In raster format, cell values are 1 for territory inside the surveyed area and 0 for territory outside it. Idrisi raster layers are in SURVBND-IDRISI.ZIP (a compressed file that contains SURVBND.RDC and SURVBND.RST). Click here to download the file SURVBND-IDRISI.ZIP (23 KB). The GeoTIFF format is in SURVBND-GEOTIFF.ZIP (a compressed file that contains SURVBND.TFW and SURVBND.TIF). Click here to download the file SURVBND-GEOTIFF.ZIP (25 KB).

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