Comparative Archaeology Database, University of Pittsburgh

Upper Daling Region Settlement Dataset
Christian E. Peterson, Lu Xueming, Robert D. Drennan, and Zhu Da

Color Images

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Fig. 1.2. The Upper Daling survey region.

Fig. 1.3. Level floodplain of the Daling River.

Fig. 1.4. Rolling terrain slightly higher than the Daling River floodplain.

Fig. 1.5. Dongshanzui ceremonial site after excavation in 1982.

Fig. 2.1. Decorated Hongshan coarse-paste sherds.

Fig. 2.2. Hongshan tongxingqi rims: early (left) and late (right).

Fig. 2.3. Decorated Hongshan tongxingqi sherds: black painted zig-zag motif (left) and parallel line motif (right).

Fig. 2.4. Decorated Xiaoheyan sherds.

Fig. 2.5. Xioaheyan sherd with small lug.

Fig. 2.6. Xiaoheyan bowl sherd with painted decoration.

Fig. 2.7. Cord-impressed Lower Xiajiadian sherds.

Fig. 2.8. Lower Xiajiadian sherds: with punctate impressions (left) and with crimped appliqué strips (right).

Fig. 2.9. Lower Xiajiadian sherds with semilunar lugs.

Fig. 2.10. Upper Xiajiadian rim sherds.

Fig. 2.11. Upper Xiajiadian sherds with horizontal lugs.

Fig. 4.2. Unsmoothed surface representing Hongshan period occupation.

Fig. 4.6. Smoothed surface representing Hongshan occupation and map of supra-local communities or districts.

Fig. 5.2. Unsmoothed surface representing Lower Xiajiadian period occupation.

Fig. 5.6. Smoothed surface representing Lower Xiajiadian occupation and map of supra-local communities or districts.

Fig. 5.11. Unsmoothed surface representing Upper Xiajiadian period occupation.

Fig. 5.15. Smoothed surface representing Upper Xiajiadian occupation and map of supra-local communities or districts.

Fig. 5.19. Unsmoothed surface representing Zhanguo-Han period occupation.

Fig. 5.23. Smoothed surface representing Zhanguo-Han occupation and map showing possible southern limit of a supra-local community or district.

Fig. 5.26. Unsmoothed surface representing Liao period occupation.

Fig. 5.31. Smoothed surface representing Liao occupation and map showing possible northern limit of the Lizhou supra-local community or district.

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