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Chifeng Settlement Dataset
Chifeng International Collaborative Archaeological Research Project

Parts of Chifeng Basin Not Walked in Survey

Parts of the low-lying and easily-flooded Chifeng Basin were not walked over in the pedestrian survey. Geomorphological investigations show considerable uninterrupted accumulation of water-borne sediments across these areas and suggest that they were not suitable for human habitation throughout the past 10,000 years (see Chapter 3.3). This territory is surrounded by surveyed area and is thus included in the other maps presented here. Its limits, however, are provided here for the record in a vector format and two raster formats

In vector format, there is an AutoCAD (Release 12) .DXF file called NOTWALK.DXF. It contains three AutoCAD closed polylines on the layer NOTWALK (color Blue). One polyline delineates the maximum extent of the territory that was not walked. The other two polylines, which are completely enclosed within the more extensive one, delineate "islands" within this territory consisting of higher-lying terrain which was walked in the pedestrian survey. Click here to download the file NOTWALK.DXF (92 KB).

In raster format, cell values are 0 for territory outside the maximal extents of the pedestrian survey, 1 for territory that was walked over in the pedestrian survey, and 2 for territory within the survey limits that was not walked in the pedestrian survey. Idrisi raster layers are in NOTWALK-IDRISI.ZIP (a compressed file that contains NOTWALK.RDC and NOTWALK.RST). Click here to download the file NOTWALK-IDRISI.ZIP (94 KB). The GeoTIFF format is in NOTWALK-GEOTIFF.ZIP (a compressed file that contains NOTWALK.TFW and NOTWALK.TIF) Click here to download the file NOTWALK-GEOTIFF.ZIP (96 KB).

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