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Chifeng Settlement Dataset
Chifeng International Collaborative Archaeological Research Project

Liao Occupation

Detailed data are provided for all the collection units in which Liao ceramics were recovered, together with the Liao surface sherd densities in all those collection units. The details of grouping of collection units into local communities are also provided. No supra-local communities (or districts) were in evidence for Liao times, so there are no maps delineating them.

The basic data map is provided in a vector format and two raster formats.

In vector format, there is an AutoCAD (Release 12) .DXF file called LIAO.DXF. Each collection unit that yielded Liao sherds is indicated by an AutoCAD closed polyline on the layer LOTS (color Magenta) enclosing its complete area. The Liao surface sherd density (sherds per square meter) is attached to the polyine for each collection unit as its z-value (that is, its elevation). Click here to download the file LIAO.DXF (1.96 MB).

In raster format, cell values are Liao sherd densities (in sherds per square meter). The Idrisi raster layers are in LIAO-IDRISI.ZIP (a compressed file that contains LIAO.RDC and LIAO.RST). Click here to download the file LIAO-IDRISI.ZIP (125 KB). The GeoTIFF format is in LIAO-GEOTIFF.ZIP (a compressed file that contains LIAO.TFW and LIAO.TIF). Click here to download the file LIAO-GEOTIFF.ZIP (125 KB).

Details of the grouping of collection units into local communities in the published analysis are provided in the form of an AutoCAD (Release 12) .DXF file. This file has a single layer, CLUSTERS (color Magenta), which contains closed polylines encircling the locations of non-contiguous collection units that were grouped together as local communities. Non-contiguous collection units not falling within one of these polyines were each treated as a separate local community. Click here to download the file LIAO-LOCAL.DXF (188 KB).

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