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Chifeng Settlement Dataset
Chifeng International Collaborative Archaeological Research Project

Faunal Remains from Stratigraphic Tests

The data files FAUNA.TXT and FAUNA.XLS contain data on all faunal remains recovered in the stratigraphic testing (except actual bone artifacts, which are tabulated elsewhere). FAUNA.TXT is a comma delimited ASCII text file, which should be easy to import into spreadsheet, database, and statistical programs for manipulation and analysis. FAUNA.XLS contains the same data in the form of an Excel spreadsheet which is easier to browse, and can also be imported into many programs. Each line represents one faunal remain. Excavation units that yielded more than one faunal remain thus have more than one line in these data files. Excavation units that yielded no faunal remains do not appear at all. There are 2572 lines, each with 9 variables separated by commas. The variables are, in the following order:

1 Key--a combination of the site number, "X", and the excavation unit number for a unique text string that identifies each excavation unit. Corresponds to the key in the listing of excavation units, and thus links individual artifacts to provenience data.
2 Taxon--Class (divided by size), Family, or Genus to the extent identifiable
3 Element--Skeletal element if identifiable
4 Side--Left or right (if paired bone) or axial (as determinable)
5 Portion--Portion of the skeletal element represented if not complete and portion determinable
6 Proportion--Proportion of the skeletal element present (as a decimal fraction, 1.00=complete)
7 Thermal alteration
8 Modification
9 Comment

The first line of the ASCII text file, for example, looks like this:

342X002,Aves,wishbone (furculum),Ax,,0.3,,,

This means that the specimen belongs to excavation unit key 342X002; it pertains to the class Aves, and is a wishbone (furculum). Since it is a wishbone, the side determination is axial. The portion of the skeletal element is not provided, but the proportion present is 0.3. There was no thermal alteration or modification, and no comments are provided for this specimen.

The last, or 2572nd line of the ASCII text file is:

674X174,Canis,upper p2 premolar,R,complete,1,,,

This means that the specimen belongs to excavation unit key 674X174. It pertains to the genus Canis and consists of an upper p2 premolar. The side determination is right. The specimen is complete, hence the proportion is 1. There was no thermal alteration or other modification, and no comments are provided for this specimen.

Click here to download the file FAUNA.TXT (100 KB) or the file FAUNA.XLS (225 KB).

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